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While concrete coating is a way to enhance your garage floor year around. The big question that gets asked a majority of the time is, can you apply it during every season? When installing coating the one thing we can recommend is it is not the best choice to install in winter season, unless there is a winter blend. There are many more critical steps that need to be done correctly to ensure the success of a floor in the colder months.

Winter Weather Challenges

No one enjoys working outside in the cold, especially if you are unprepared for the task. When installing concrete coating in low temperatures it means your materials will not work the same. The liquids become thicker and then there is a risk of freezing. The coating will take longer to cure. There will always be weather challenges, but nothing that BattleBorn Coatings can not handle. We take all precautions to ensure your floors will come out perfectly.

Remove All Residue

To ensure a successful coating project you must first remove all residue from the surface. In winter, you will need to remove all salt and de-icing chemicals. The surface must start with a clean slate for the coating to bond correctly.

Dry Surface

When installing concrete coating the surface of the concrete needs to be free of moisture during the time of application. To achieve the perfect outcome all ice and moisture needs to be removed.

Why You Should Call BattleBorn Concrete Coatings

To get the best results, trust us during all seasons, especially during cold weather. At BattleBorn Concrete Coating we use Pennie’s winter blend to ensure the most successful outcome. We proudly serve Northern Nevada during the winter seasons. Call us today to receive your personalized free quote.