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Our polyurea shop floor systems have all the features you could want in a safe, durable floor.

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As the primary area for production and assembly, your shop floor must be able to withstand frequent foot traffic, heavy machinery, and the occasional crash or spill. Since many shop floors are also visited by clients or partners, your floor has to do all this while looking great, too! If your current flooring fails to meet your production needs or aesthetic preferences, get in touch with the flooring pros at Battleborn Concrete Coatings.

With our polyurea shop floor system, you’ll never have to choose between beauty and strength. Its durable, non-slip finish will protect your personnel while the polyurea material delivers long-lasting protection against all potential sources of damage—from chemical leaks to weighty vehicles and equipment!

A Safer Non-Slip Floor Coating System

Built from three or four distinct layers, our polyurea formula is a non-slip floor coating system that provides an array of benefits for any shop floor, including:

  • Extreme adhesion for long-term strength
  • Pre-tinted color for consistent coverage
  • Flexibility in cold or hot temperatures
  • UV stability that prevents damage from the sun
  • Chemical and abrasion resistance
  • Uniform non-slip texture for added safety
  • Rapid curing and installation times

Ideal for Shop Floors and So Much More!

Battleborn Concrete Coatings’ superior floor coating systems are versatile enough to meet the needs of our diverse clients, from individual homeowners to business owners and factory managers. Though our polyurea shopfloor system was originally designed for use in commercial shop floors, it’s a great choice for a host of other applications, such as:

  • Commercial Kitchens
  • Walk-in Refrigerators
  • Walk-in Freezers
  • Wash-Down Areas
  • Showers
  • Restrooms
  • Pool Decks
  • Locker Rooms

Get in Touch Today for a Free Quote for Your Polyurea Shop Floor System

We’d love to learn more about your shop floor’s unique layout and requirements so we can custom-design a flooring system that meets your needs for strength and style. With years of experience laying epoxy, quartz, polyurea, metallic, and chip system floors, you can trust us to handle any project with top-notch expertise and professionalism.

Call Battleborn Concrete Coatings to start designing your polyurea shop floor system, or request more information and a free cost estimate by completing our easy online form now!


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