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The “problems” that people commonly know when getting a polyurea coating include high cost, slippery surface, and UV stability. Realistically these problems are a result of incorrect installation, poor quality and misunderstanding of polyuria limitations. BattleBorn coatings will address the seven most misunderstood “problems”

1. Professional Installation

Polyurea concrete coatings are not a project for DIYers. When Ployurea is not applied by a professional it will lead to errors that will ruin the longevity and durability of the concrete coatings.

Polyurea coatings have no margins for error, Using the correct equipment and being fully educated is a requirement when mixing the compounds to get the right results. When Polyurea is being installed many consumers will watch a set of professionals work together because of the short cure time.

Professional equipment is also necessary to prep the surface for a correct application. Without correctly grinding and mending the floors the coating will not successfully adhere to the surface and will impact the performance of the flooring.

To get the most of your polyurea coatings, you should get your floors installed by our Professionals at BattleBorn Coatings. We only use products that are purchased from a reputable manufacturer.

2. What polyurea can and can’t fix

Normal wear and tear like cracking will be mended during part of the installation. But, there are also a few things that polyurea can not repair. Leveling or fixing a crooked floor can not be fixed by polyurea. This type of coatings is not self-leveling because of the thin coatings that is absorbed into the pores of your concrete.

3. High cost

For a space where you are looking for your floor to last for a long time, you are going to want to spend money on a product that will not need to be replaced every couple years. Polyurea coatings are known as a premium coating option. This is because the product has both efficiency and long term performance. Polyurea can be installed in 1-day but it will last for 15+ years. This floor will not need to be replaced and other costly regular maintenance. When looking at options and products, polyurea might be more of an upfront cost but it will cost less over time.

4. Appears Slippery

Polyurea topcoats are always appreciated for the smooth and high-gloss finish that they offer. At a fast glance, it is normal to have concerns about the surface being too slippery when wet. For outdoor areas or places inside of your home, it is possible to add a slip-resistant additive to the top coat to help with safety.

5. Different Products, and Different Performance

There are many coatings that are marketed as polyurea which leads to many misconceptions of performance. The two commonly misunderstood products on the market are:

Aromatic Polyurea-

AAromatic system is not light- stable, this being durable and long-performing in many other ways. This product should not be in sunlight because the color will eventually fade. Because aromatic polyurea is light-sensitive, this makes it a bad quality choice as a topcoat.


All polyaspartics are polyurea, that being said not all Polyureas are polyaspartic. Polyaspartic is a polyurea with a slow cure rate. This is a good option because it allows the coatings to be applied over a longer time frame with a more traditional manner. While Aromatic polyurea makes a terrible topcoat, polyaspartic has its limitation when used as a basecoat. This will form a weaker surface bond with raw concrete and will eventually deteriorate over time. However polyaspartic polyurea functions as a well topcoat because it allows for installation and cure time in less than 48 hours.

6.When is Polyurea the Right Choice

Polyurea is the right choice for both outdoor and indoor residential spaces including: garages, driveway, entryways and patios. It is also an exceptional option for many commercial spaces. With polyurea being anti-porous, anti-chemical and antimicrobial, it is easy to clean business likes: locker rooms, salons and pet facilities.

Polyurea concrete coatings are a great option if you are willing to put more money upfront for a coating that will last a long time. In comparison to epoxy systems, there are many reasons this system comes out on top. Call us at BattleBorn Coatings to receive professional results.