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Your patio is a focal point when hosting gatherings with friends and family. More times than not patios tend to decline at a fast rate. At battle born painting we can offer you the patio you deserve. The polyaspartic patio coating will improve your property and summertime fun.


Polyaspartic coating on a patio is a quick process, normally it typically takes 1 day to harden, this 1 day-solidifying product is much faster than comparing options.


Polyaspartic is a coating that is durable and nonsusceptible to natural elements. Cleaning this product does not take a deep cleaning or wax, just a simple wash with simple green will do the trick.

Life lasting

Polyaspartic coating will last on your patio for many years. This coating will protect your concrete from stains, water build-up and UV rays. The reason this is the best option for outside areas is that it is durable for outside elements without having a weathered look.

BattleBorn Coating located in Reno is the best option for all Northern Nevada homeowners to achieve the patio coating you want. Call to get set up for a free consultation today.